Tech Innovation Global, Incorporated Brings together community and professionals to network, professionals from various backgrounds to companies, eCommerce, careers, business alliances help each other grow or expand their services and skills in the community. You work to actively invest in community programs, training communities, provide initiatives and programs for economic growth. Visit the website to request team agreements for grants, contracts, and initiatives in communities. We offer recruiting services and for many industries, sectors, and initiatives for businesses and communities across demographics.

Tech Daily Life is a digital marketing app that transforms key science, career-related, investors, communities, and history of business to pave the way to a successful life. Using technology to make life easier, it gives you a role in the economy, providing best practices, improving environments’ biodiversity, communities and developing countries while helping your state, organizations and your business sales and network grow. Funding and investments also help bridge community resources state deficits and technology.

Core Competencies

  • Business, Operating Planning, COVID-19 Data Analysis, Science
  • Community Resources, Market Research, Platforms
  • Contract development technology initiatives
  • Collaborative agreements


Experience includes 18 years of business management and providing training to engineers, management, Department of Defense (DoD), DoE). Located 13 miles from military bases, credentials include network of companies with goals to:

  • Finish Project Early
  • Complete Projects On or Under Budget
  • Streamline Processes through Lifecycle
  • Utilize Process Driven Transformational Portal to ensure distribution
  • Pursue excellence and best practices
  • Improve Communities

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