Tech Daily Life® Magazine

Tech Daily Life® provides a global guide and agreements between the Advertiser and Tech Innovation Global Inc., publisher of the Global Guide. Publisher agrees to provide the advertising according to the specification of this agreement. The Advertiser agrees to provide either a .jpeg advertisement or the artwork and images necessary to create the advertisement. Each magazine will be published two times per year on the dates specified (Summer/Fall and Winter/Spring). Payment is due upon signing of Agreement unless other arrangements have been made. Checks should be made payable to Tech Daily Life Incorporated. Advertisements require approval of Publisher (Tech Daily Life Incorporated). We reserve the right to reject, edit or cancel any advertisements at any time. Ads accepted are not an endorsement from the Owners or staff. Advertisements may also be included in the online version of Tech Daily Life® website. The cost-share is 75:20 for advertisement. 75% of the proceeds benefit community programs and initiatives.